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Katy Beskow is a home cook with a passion for good food, always using seasonal and fresh ingredients. Last year Katy won PETA’s Great Vegan Bake Off and Viva’s Award for Excellence and Innovation and became the first vegan cook to demonstrate at a number of food festivals in the UK. Last time Katy was here we had a chat and made a video.

My desert island dish… Being a true foodie, this is a hard question as I love so many dishes! I adore comfort food, so I would probably go for a big bowl of pasta arrabiatta, with lots of fresh red chilli  and chopped flat-leaf parsley. I'd eat this on a bed of wild rocket with some crisp-soft garlic bread. 

My dream dinner date… I'd love to have dinner with cook and author Jack Monroe. She writes about austerity and the politics of food, after having been through tough financial times herself. She shows people affordable home cooking with less waste and full flavours, There are lots  of incredible vegan recipes on her blog too! An inspiring and passionate food lover. 

I’m most inspired by… Seasonal foods. I love how flavours heighten when foods are in season and the array of produce available is vibrant. I think eating seasonally is the key to a balanced and satisfying diet. Eating seasonally not only tastes great, but is kinder on the pocket, too. 

My favourite thing about tibits is… It feels like a home from home- it's cosy yet contemporary with a great location in London's west end. There are always delicious seasonal dishes available on the food boat, so vibrant! I love the idea of weighing your plate too, it's a great concept. The cocktails are rather good too! 

If I wasn’t a food blogger I’d be…Watching too much Netflix!

Katy has shared some of her fabulous vegan recipes with us. Here's a video of her making Courgette Scones at tibits. And you can also find her Lemon, Rosemary and Olive Oil Shortbread and her Beetroot and Red Bean Brownies in our recipe library.

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