Winter Menu
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Winter Menu

Winter ways to power you through the day

Our new menu brings a plethora of seasonal flavours including kale, pumpkin, chestnut and, perhaps the most festive of all – the small but perfectly formed Brussels sprout.

We have lots of decadent and indulgent dishes for the party season. Our luxurious Onde with wild mushroom and truffle. The dreamy and creamy Butter Bean, Sweet Potato and Kale Korma. And for when only cheesy carbs will do… the proof is in the Poutine!

And we also traverse the globe with our sensational salads. North African Chickpeas with a creamy tahini dressing. Or our Korean Antipasti – fresh crunchy veg fermented with ginger and sesame. Hearty and nourishing, but also on the lighter side.

We believe drinks should be warming in every way so our hot booze is back – expect Hot Buttered Rum, Mulled wine and Dirty Chai Lattes. And if you need a pick me up try our pre-tox juice with prickly pear, a fruit with huge health benefits. We’ve got December covered.

We are true believers that life is ALL about balance. So enjoy everything December throws at you, indulge, make the most of it...

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