The tastes of summer
Menu Specials
The tastes of summer

Our Summer menu is live, now we're ready (and waiting) for the sunshine!

Burmese Sweet Potato and Coconut Curry is a masterclass in subtle spices. Or if you' prefer an Asian influence, Soba Noodles with Tempeh and Pineapple is sunshine on a plate. Courgette-Tomato Lasagna is made with sheets of activated charcoal pasta and melty stringy vegan mozzarella.

The salad corner is packed with bright, light and zingy seasonal stars - Roasted Datterini pasta salad is guaranteed to make your heart happy, or Chirashi Sushi, the perfect fresh and healthy side. And no menu is complete without flavour-bomb Kimchi.

If sweets are your jam then there's the quintessentially British pud, Summer Pudding. And joining a berry good lineup Raspberry Cheezecake and Cherry Crumble. Remember you can have a little taste of everything! 

Who's got plans to visit us this weekend?

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