Veganuary cooking demo with Katherine Frelon
Veganuary cooking demo with Katherine Frelon

Veganuary cooking demo with Katherine Frelon

We held a Veganuary cooking demo on Saturday with the wonderful Katherine Frelon at tibits bankside. Working in partnership with tibits, Katherine was demonstrating some of our most popular recipes, and some of our newer ones; with her own twist of course!

The group met at Borough market, visiting stalls such as Spice Mountain for a huge selection of spices and flavours, then onto Turnips and Paul Wheeler for a variety of delicious fresh fruit and veg. Katherine talked about the ingredients, gave tips and tricks for how to select produce and interesting facts and recipe ideas. Borough market is a bustling beautiful artisanal market with cream of the crop fruit and vegetables   – the ideal neighbours for tibits. Once all the ingredients had been selected it was back to the restaurant to start preparing. Katherine had chosen some of here favourite tibits recipes to demonstrate to our guests. Set up in our beautiful Garden Room, in our newly opened Bankside restaurant, the first dishes on the list were surprisingly - dessert! Katherine introduced our signature Sticky Toffee pudding served with oven baked Spiced Pineapple dish and a cinnamon vegan cream.

While these were cooking she moved onto the salads. We have a huge variety of freshly prepared salads here at tibits; they are such a good way to get fresh vegetables into your diet, mixing and matching from our buffet helps to stock up on essential nutrients and vitamins. Katherine prepared our Beetroot and Apple Salad, as well as our Kale Kimchi; an amazing dish for gut health and all round sparkle. Followed by Middle Eastern Aubergine Stew and Quinoa & Potato burgers with Herb Pesto which went down a storm! Throughout the demo Katherine gave tips and tricks to help make vegan cooking work for you, whether you’re a committed vegan or just dabbling, knowing your ingredients and experimenting with different cuisines and flavours is the best way to help keep you on track.

More events with the wonderful Katherine Frelon to follow and you can find her information and our recipes from the day here.


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