vegan cooking demonstration
vegan cooking demonstration

veganuary cooking demo

This Veganuary, tibits Bankside have the pleasure of welcoming back leading chef, Katherine Frelon, for a vegan cooking demonstration with a twist. Ticket holders have the option of beginning their journey with Katherine in London’s Borough Market, touring and learning about the ingredients as they go. Fresh local produce carefully selected from an area brimming with culinary narrative, championing the nature of tibits and making for some tasty dishes.

Guests will then be invited back to the Bankside restaurant for the start of the event, as Katherine prepares and cooks some of tibits signature recipes from scratch. In an immersive cooking demonstration, attendees will be guided through the process, taught about the ingredients and given tips and ideas for their own culinary endeavours. Most importantly, once assembled, the dishes will be tasted and discussed.

A perfect way to develop an understanding of vegan dishes and sample some fresh, high quality food; for the converts and the vegan-curious alike.

The demonstration will take place on Saturday 20th January, to buy tickets click here

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