Summer Lovin'
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Summer Lovin'

Welcome to summer at tibits and a food boat is colourful, flavourful and abundant with seasonal produce.

Our new menu is all about that holiday feeling. There are traditional Italian dishes like a Sicilian Caponata, Gnocchi Verde and Maccheroni alla Puttanesca. And lots of spice in our Thai Veggie Meatballs and Spiced Vegetable and Chickpea Tagine. Then there’s the much needed sea breeze for our ‘Food Boat’ - we’re putting samphire and seaweed to good use in lots of new dishes, like our Spelt Risotto Marinara and Asian Samphire Salad.

We’re also rather pleased with our new baked goodies. The vegan sausage rolls and cheese straws are perfect with a glass of something chilled on the terrace. And the vegan chocolate and pear cake is gluten free but deliciously decadent and full of flavour.

We hope to see you aboard the Food Boat soon, we really hope you like our new menu as much as we do.  

Here's a sample menu.

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