Say hello - tibits guest Andrina Tisi
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Say hello - tibits guest Andrina Tisi

Andrina Tisi, health coach and yoga instructor from Zürich/Vancouver

We meet so many guests in our tibits restaurants every day. We say hello, we serve you, exchange some words, a smile and let you get on with your day and tibits treats. How we'd love to have more time for you and get to know all those lovely faces we see. 

So we grab the chance to introduce you to a couple of them with our new series of guest portraits #sayhello. Today, meet the awesome Andrina Tisi, who grew up in Zurich, Switzerland, and now lives in Canada. 

Who are you?

My name's Andrina Tisi, a born and bread Swiss girl who landed in Vancouver after travelling the world. I'm a certified health coach and yoga instructor.

tibits guest Andrina Tisi, health coach and yoga instructor at tibits Seefeld, Zurich Switzerland.

Tell us a bit about being a health coach
You are what you eat. Food, emotions and health are closely intertwined. I coach and support people to change their eating habits and establish new, healthy and delicious ways to eat. Together with my clients I explore new ways that work best for their body and lifestyle and why someone eats the way they eat. The most important goal is to nourish the wellbeing of body, mind and soul. 

How often do you treat yourself at tibits?
Every time I'm on vacation in Switzerland! Going to tibits is as much a part of my stay in Switzerland as spending quality time with my family and friends. This time around I'll stay here a bit longer thanks to teaching a couple of yoga retreats and classes. So, count on meeting me at tibits a lot during the next couple of months.

Andrina loves fresh juices - like our super vitamin c juice.

What do you like most about tibits?
As a health coach I'm interested in the same topics as tibits: Enjoying healthy, natural and delicious foods. I love to meet my Swiss clients at a tibits restaurant. It's a great way to put theory to practice.

What treat couldn't you do without ?
I love fresh juices and smoothies and wouldn't go travelling without a good mixer. tibits's super vitamin c juice is pretty much my fave right now.

Thank you for the lovely talk, Andrina. See you soon!

PS: If you want to know more about Andrina, her classes and coaching visit her website wholeicious.


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