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Climate friendly food

Climate Friendly Food

One third of our greenhouse emission originates from our food consumption. This is more than global traffic! By choosing our food wisely, we can make a significant contribution to reducing these emissions.

Having a climate-friendly menu is very improtant to us at tibits. And according to Eaternity tibits generates 62.3% less CO2 compared to other restaurants, this is equivalent to 2'480 tonnes of CO2 per year.

This is massive! With the amount of CO2 saved, we could drive 10.23 million miles by car, that's 940 car trips between Cape Town (South Africa) and the North Cape (Norway). That's the equivalent of planting 83'603 trees - we could fill 1,125 football fields. Pretty impressive, right?

If you fill your plate twice a month with delicacies at the tibits food boat, it has the same positive effect on the climate as a tree has in a year. Because on average you save 1.26 kilograms of CO2 with each tibits plate - that's the difference between a dish in other restaurants and a plate from the tibits buffet.

Thank you for saving more than a kilogram of CO2 with each tibits plate and contributing to a climate-friendly future!

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