A message from the tibits founders

We’ve spent the last few months staring down the question - how can we get tibits to the other side? No matter how many new ideas and lifelines were shared, it was never enough. The rising costs of running restaurants in London has been ramping up for years now; and with all the economic uncertainty surrounding this pandemic, we just don’t have the reserves to get back on our feet. So we are now in the unbearable position where we have to close our restaurants in Mayfair and Bankside. tibits will continue to spread the love in its Swiss and German restaurants.

It’s been 12 years since we came to London and we've grown from four to fourteen restaurants during this time. It's been a fantastic journey - pioneering plant-based, making friends and delighting in every time someone creates their own delicious plate. Our beloved regulars and the people who work so hard at tibits are our favourite people. The messages and support we’ve received since we’ve been closed have lifted our spirits through the most difficult times. A true testament to an outstanding team who we know will go on to spread plant powered love and keep our mission alive in different ways.

As the world begins to come out of this, we must continue to focus on the positives. People have to start questioning where their food comes from and prioritising a healthy, nutritious, plant-based diet. Now more than ever, food has the power to change the world. We hope you’ll visit us at our restaurants in Switzerland and Germany so we can continue this mission together.

We thank all the lovely people who have supported us in the last 12 years.

Peace and love,

Daniel, Reto & Rolf xx