Root to stem eating
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Root to stem eating

Peels, Stems, Leaves: we use every edible part of fruit and veg. It seems crazy to throw away the tasty trimmings as well as all those nutrients.

When we prepare broccoli we always include the stems, we think it's the best bit. In our Moroccan Fennel Salad we use the whole fennel bulb, greens and all. And the leaves in our Root to Tip Radishes are packed full of vitamin C and herbal bitters which stimulate the entire digestive system, it's hard to believe that they'd normally end up in the bin.

We're trying to reduce our impact on the environment and be as responsible as we can. By using fruit and veg in their entirety we're making the best out of all the delicious parts of the plant! Good for you, good for us, good for the planet!


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