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Watch out, travel blogger Miret Padovani, better known as flânerie féminine, will make a pit stop at tibits next week. This fabulous globetrotter explores the great and delicious (vegetarian) sides of life through beautiful Instagram pictures.

From Monday to Thursday, she'll be exploring our tibits im NZZ bistro in Zurich from top to bottom. Get enchanted and inspired by unique details and lovely moments - see tibits through Miret's eyes.

Follow the whole series on Instagram via @zurichvienna (Miret Padovani) or @tibits_ch. You can also use our hashtag #fftibits.

We promise, this week is going to be pretty as well as pretty interesting! :)

Miret Padovani, better known as flânerie féminine.

Join us over here!

Ps: You don't know Instagram yet? This is the perfect moment, to get to know this awesome photo app, for example through Miret's travels or our delicious bites and sights. If you need a bit of help you'll find it here.

Miret for tibits #fftibits on Instagram.


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